What My Wife is Not

What My Wife Is Not
By Carl Bohman

My wife is not a supermodel,
but she still turns heads, including mine.
My wife is not a gourmet chef,
but taste her food, you may think otherwise.
My wife is not a CEO,
but she manages to keep the family on task—most of the time.
My wife is not a princess,
but she often rescues others.
My wife is not an angel,
but her heart is full of compassion.
My wife is not perfect,
but it would be unfair to expect her to be.
You see:
My wife is not a lot of things,
but she's everything to me.


The above poem was written by me and posted to Facebook on June 1, 2014.  At the time, I truly and fully felt and believed everything I said.

How times have changed in just 4 years.

Kessa moved out while I was on a business trip two years later.  Despite all my efforts (which she rejected), our divorce will be finalized soon.

I hope someday to find someone else to whom I can rededicate this poem.